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Meet&Talk Audio Conference BridgeBenefits of Audio Conference Bridges:

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How Audio Conferencing can Benefit your Organisation

From an intimate business meeting to a large-scale corporate announcement, we know how to make audio conferencing a complete success.

Communication is critical to all business. But at what point does the cost outstrip the benefits? The increasing costs of flights, hotels, as well as the increased travel risks and lost productivity when travelling have made regular in-person meetings far too expensive for many companies. Before your next meeting, consider the costs in involved. Audio Conference Bridge

Whether its to hold remote departmental meetings, executive board meetings, receive updates from your field sales force, manage the dissemination of corporate news, or announce and discuss new company policies, implement internal training at a distance - whenever you need to meet with several people at once, but a physical meeting isn't possible, then you should consider MiTon's Audio Conferencing Bridge.

If your organisation spends regular amounts of money each month with a service bureau or hosts around 10 to 25 conference calls per week (or more), MiTon's Audio Conferencing Bridge is the ideal solution for your company.

Whether your conference call has 3 or many thousands of participants, with simultaneous conferences taking place, we can offer you a superior 'minimal install' audio conferencing solution so you can quickly and easily discuss your most critical and complex business information within your company, regardless of physical distance.

MiTon Audio Conference Bridges

At MiTon, we provide products and services where you are in control. Miton Bridges are Audio Conference Systems based on our core technology which has Voice Over IP (VoIP) built in as standard. You can choose analogue, or digital line connection, with VoIP included as standard, or simple choose VoIP as the sole means of connectivity to conference participants. This means you can connect participants both on normal telephone lines and those connected via a computer network and or the Internet, using IP Phones, or IP enabled Pcs. We use widely known and supported technology, so Installation, robustness, user access are kept as straightforward as possible. By utilising very simple, user-friendly interfaces and operating procedures, we have dramatically reduced training and user learning times. So systems can be installed and customised anywhere in the world with minimal support - you will always be in charge of the technology and those having access to it.

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