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Benefits of a Miton Audio Conferencing System and who would use it.

Miton’s Audio Conferencing Systems and services tailored specifically for all aspects of the Legal profession, providing a seamless, easy to use Audio Conferencing solution with a secure environment for all participants.

It was designed by Legal Professionals, for Legal Profession; Lawyers/Solicitors, Administrators and Managers. It provides a secure digital quality telecommunication environment that is operated via Web-based interfaces enabling Lawyers to conduct telephone conversations with multiple participants, under their full control – whilst recording every part of the conversation. There even exists the facility to playback into the conference session previous recordings.

Additional tools improve effectiveness such as:

       {Audio Conferencing} Integrated digital recording with text-based bookmarks
       {Audio Conferencing} conference Reporting
       {Audio Conferencing} Seamless access to transcription services
       {Audio Conferencing} Search, retrieval, playback and copy functions of conference recordings
       {Audio Conferencing} Archiving of recordings to tape or other media
       {Audio Conferencing} Links to corporate databases

A browser-based control screen allows important aspects of the conversation to be logged to a database, such as the participant’s names, time called and an audio recording facility that includes a text bookmark option and automatic logging of participants joining and leaving a conference.

The system is based on a tried and tested Miton installation currently in use in the USA by large government organisations consisting of approx. 205 lawyers. Designed to replace a manual audio recording system, over the substantial period it has been in use efficiency has been dramatically improved with significant cost savings. Access to the conference control is secure but simple to use and no custom software is required on the users PC. Interfaces can be customised to fit the branding of the user and features can be added that enhance the business process.

Whether you purchase a self-contained audio conferencing system that is installed at your office, or purchase a service agreement to use space on our Miton Server located in Docklands, London, you can be assured of a secure system designed for minimal user training and maximum user control.


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