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Miton Systems have created a complete Telephone Interpretatonsolution to support the specialised needs of the Telephone Interpretation market that provide "Interpreter-on-demand" solutions.

Mitons' InterpreterLine technology, enables providers of Telephone Interpretation Services to manage and operate their service in a competitive manner. InterpreterLine can be supplied to you either as equipment for you to own, or as an on-line service, where you rent space on our Server.

Miton are specialists in the computer Telephony Integration and telephone conferencing fields and have installed advanced and reliable systems in the UK, Europe, North America, Telephone Interpretation SystemsAfrica and the Far East. To produce our InterpreterLine product we collaborated with a Telephone Interpretation expert who has many years experience working with a market leader in the field of Telephone Interpretation. The result was a solution that will enable service providers to provide a 'Rapid and Reliable Response' to the needs of the telephone interpretation market. It puts you back in control, connecting your clients with a qualified interpreter in seconds. It enables you to provide a service that is immediately accessible, that can be used at any time of day from any location using any type of telephone - including the new Voice-Over-Internet technology. Your clients and Interpreters will not need any special equipment to operate the service, leaving you free to concentrate on your business, by leaving the technology to us.

Traditionally, the complexity and cost of the technology meant that only a limited number of organisations could afford own and operate such systems. These systems dramatically improved the operating efficiency of these organisations which meant that they had a significant competitive advantage over their competitors.

Miton technology has changed this paradigm using relatively low cost, but totally effective solutions based on technology developed from over 10 years experience at producing Computer Telephony solutions for 'Mission-Critical' applications.

Using Miton Technology, all suppliers are now able to compete effectively with the big players in the Market.

InterpreterLine is based on the sophisticated use of computer Telephony Integration (CTi) and comes WEB and IP enabled. This ensures that the client not only enjoys the low entry cost of technology, but also continues to make savings through the use of IP Telephony - especially through the use of home, or remote-office workers.

Solutions are available either as customer owned equipment, or as a Web-based service and can be easily scaled as your business needs grow.

Call Miton today for a no-obligation discussion on whether this solution can benefit your organisation.

Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge On-Line Demonstration is available. Call +44 1923 286501 for access details. or
Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge Product Information Sheet

Telephone Interpretation
Key Features:
       {telephone interpretation}   Ease of Accessibility - available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and covering as many languages as you wish to include
       {telephone interpretation}   Rapid Response - Connects your clients with a qualified Interpreter in seconds
       {telephone interpretation}   Professional & Reliable - Fully-automated telephony system ensures minimum time-wastage and maximum efficiency, leading to improved profit.
       {telephone interpretation}   Cost Effective - Use either our On-line service or purchase your own customer site equipment.
       {telephone interpretation}   Agent and Interpreter Efficiency Monitors - enables you to monitor and therefore manage the efficiency of your agents and Interpreter services.
       {telephone interpretation}   Customisable to fit your specific needs.
The System Comprises of Two Sets of Interfaces:
   Back Office Administration Interfaces
       {telephone interpretation}   Administration Interfaces let you manage the commercial aspects of your business, including customers, Agencies and Interpreters.
       {telephone interpretation}   Interpreters can set their availability On-Line
       {telephone interpretation}   Billing and performance reports
   Telephone Agents Interfaces
       {telephone interpretation}   Receive client calls and automatically provide 'screen-pop' and calling line identity (CLI) capture
       {telephone interpretation}   Agent follows on-screen prompts to process the call enabling non-specialist Agents to operate the system
       {telephone interpretation}  

Automate the identification of available interpreters for the requested language and automatically launch a call to them.

       {telephone interpretation}  

Receive clients calls and automatically provide 'screen-pops' and calling line identity (CLI) capture.

Integrate with business data to validate client account details.

       {telephone interpretation}   Automatically conference the client, interpreter and operator together. Once the Operator has confirmed the service is proceeding satisfactorily then they are at liberty to leave the conference while the client and interpreter continue to be connected. The Operator is then free to handle further calls from clients.
       {telephone interpretation}   The application will continue to monitor the call and when complete will collect call details for billing purposes.
       {telephone interpretation}   Possibility to Record Conversations for sale as premium service.

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Miton Systems Ltd.

49 Dove Park, Chorleywood, Herts WD3 5NY
Tel: +44 (0)1923 286501

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