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Products for any business that uses a telephone - small start-ups, through to large corporations

'Audio Conference Bridges, Video Conferencing, PBX's, IVR and custom Internet Telephony Solutions'.

• New Technology gives a significant price advantage:

Miton's technology is different to traditional Telephony/PBX Systems. It is based on a very-efficient Linux-based PC that does all the call processing which means we don't need to add in expensive telephony hardware, and therefore make savings which we can pass onto our customers without loss of functionality.

• CallHandler: One Platform - Multiple Solutions

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Miton's technology is based on a single platform, which can be customised to create multiple solutions.

• You Benefit because we use Linux Operating Software:

Linux is rapidly taking market share from Microsoft Windows as the preferred server operating system for critical applications. This World-Standard open-source operating system provides a number of distinct advantages:

  • It's robust which means systems keep running 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.
  • Not subject to the major Virus attacks that plague Microsoft installations
  • Linux is available at no cost, so this cost benefit can be passed on to our customers
  • It's available as Open-Source which means bugs, and operational issues get fixed fast!
  • Has support world-wide
  • Totally integrates with existing computer systems and networks.
• Voice Over IP Built in as standard without extra hardware!

All Miton's products are based on a full feature Local Telephone Exchange, which has VoIP built in as standard. So not only can you choose between Analogue and Digital connectivity, you can additionally communicate with all our systems using the latest technologies that use VoIP, such as SIP, H323 etc. VoIP gives you the advantage of very easily creating distributed systems for remote offices, and also enables you to make free phone calls - world-wide! (See Remote Working example application below)

• Remote Office/Home Working capability included as standard!

This is possible because of the in-built Voice Over IP capability of our systems. Suppose there is a company which has remote offices all over the world. By placing one of our PBX systems at one of the sites - e.g. the main site, and providing IP phones to the remote sites, then each remote site has access to a telephone extension that is an extension of the PBX at the main site. This means central VoiceMail, conferencing, call transfer and IVR functions are available over the Internet, as if the remote people were located at the main site. All this by simply installing a single PC coupled to a broadband network.

Meet&Talk Audio Conference BridgeSee Remote Office Worker Application Sheet

• Functionally customisable to match your exact requirements:

The base of our products is a fully featured Internet telephone exchange (PBX) which can be added to provide sophisticated applications such as; Audio Conferencing, IVR etc. Generally these additional applications are implemented by the addition of software only.

• Two Pricing Models

Not only are our systems available for outright purchase, they are available on a pay-as-you go model, which means you can choose the option that is right for you. e.g. if you want a Internet PBX with Audio Conferencing we supply a system for installation at your site, we own it, you pay for usage as you go. This means your investment to gain the required services is minimal. We even maintain the system as part of the costs, so you don't need local technicians. Of course we work under a money-back guarantee. Should our products not perform as specified, we refund 100% of your money.

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49 Dove Park, Chorleywood, Herts WD3 5NY
Tel: +44 (0)1923 286501

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