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Meet&Talk Audio Conference BridgeCorporate: Audio Conference Bridge (Part 1)

Meet&Talk Conferencing"For large or small companies who wish to provide an in-house conferencing service
to their employees either locally or on a world-wide distributed basis"
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System Features

  • This System operates with the absolute minimum of effort by both conference participants and technical support personnel.
  • It requires no user set-up to pre‑book conferences.  Entry to conferences by Participants is by fixed pre-assigned Conference Codes which are allocated to Conference Organisers.
  • Individuals who want to organise conferences (Conference Organisers) are allocated two Conference Codes of between 1 to 8 digits.
    Chairperson Code: Identifies the Conference Organiser
     Participant Code: Given out by Conference Organiser for invited participants to use to join Conference Organiser’s conference.
  • Conference Codes are Audio Conference Bridgeissued via a simple, automatic Web-Browser based interface for the creation and maintenance of users.  This can operate on a ‘self service’ basis where new users are automatically allocated codes that are emailed to them.  These Codes can be changed by the User via the Web interfaces.
  • All Participants and Conference Organisers dial the same number to join a conference. The codes identify which conference they will join.  An audio prompt asks the caller to enter a code. The Organiser enters Chairperson’s Code, other participants enter the Participant Code.
  • Upon entry into the conference, the participants hear an audio prompt, which asks them to speak their name. This recorded prompt identifies them when they join or leave a conference. This can be optionally disabled via the ‘My User’ Web interface.
  • If a Participant is the only one present in a conference, they hear ‘Music on Hold’.
  • If the Conference Organiser in not present then all Participants hear ‘Music on Hold’
  • Procedure when Participant first dials in:
    • First, hears welcome pre-configurable message:
      • “Welcome to the Miton Systems Conference Service, please enter your Conference Code.”
    • If participant enters with Valid Conference Code but Conference Organiser is not present:
      • “Conference Organiser not currently present, you will be placed on hold until they enter. [Music on hold]”
    • If participant enters with Valid Conference Code and Conference Organiser is present:
      • Spoken name as each new participant enters conference.
  • There is no limit on the number of participants in each conference, other than the physical limit of the bridge.  The capacity of the Bridge is allocated on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis.  Participants can remain in a conference after the Conference Organiser has left, but no new participants can join.
  • If multiple Conference Bridges are installed, then conferences can be 'spanned' across the bridges - even if they are in remote physical locations. For example, if there is one bridge in New York and one in London and a conference starts in London, then anyone dialling into the New York bridge and entering the same Conference codes as those used in the London bridge conference will enter the same conference.
  • Telephone Key Press Options during a conference
    To invoke an option, the participant presses *, which then plays them a menu of options (which they can interrupt, if they know the keypress). The options available depend on whether they are a "Chairperson" or a "Participant’s Code".

*1 mute or un-mute self
*2 lock or unlock the conference. A locked conference does not allow anyone else to join. (Organiser only)
*3 eject the last user who joined the conference. (Organiser only)
*4 decrease earpiece volume (8 to exit)
*5 pause/restart recording (Organiser only)
*6 increase earpiece volume (8 to exit)
*7 decrease microphone volume (8 to exit)
  (8 exit menu and return to conference)
*9 increase microphone volume (8 to exit)
*0 Role call of participants

e.g. To mute/un-mute, press *1 ['*' accesses menu, '1' mutes/un-mutes]
At any time you can press 9 to access a dial-tone that enables you to dial out to add participants. (Configurable Option - Chairperson only)

  • An Operator module is optionally available. This provides a number of additional features, such as call queue management and participant supervision features. etc.
  • Participants can be dialled out from within conferences if enabled
  • Variable size conferences for dial-in telephone and Voice-over-IP based participants that are simple to install, operate and maintain.
  • Meet&Talk Audio Conference BridgeConference Bridge Server designed, built, installed and maintained by Miton Systems.


  • Consists of a single self contained unit that incorporates all the necessary components to conduct multiple Audio Conferences.
  • Each System Incorporates:
    • Linux Operating System Software
    • MySQL Databases for Users, Departments, Bookings, Configuration and Audio Recordings
    • Apache Web server for remote Browser based setup and control.
  • Connected into existing PBX, or direct to Public Telephone Network (Analogue or Digital), or VoIP Data Network, it comes with Integrated Voice-Over IP (VoIP) as standard.
Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge
Fig 1: Bridge Connectivity Options
  • Bridges can be located in different physical locations with their data synchronised for added resilience, plus bridge spanning of conference sessions.
Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge
Fig 2: Data & Conference Synchronised Bridges
  • Participants who drop out of a Conference can simply redial to rejoin following normal procedure.
  • Versions also available where participants are dialled by an operator using a windows-based control screen.

Registration, Reporting and Configuration Screens

    Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge
    Fig 3: User Login Screen
  • Web-based Users Log-on permissions enable access control to Reports and administration areas.
  • There are two types of login access levels.
    • User Area – access to ‘My User Area’
    • Administrator Area – Access to system set-up and usage reports

User Login Screen: The Reporting and Configuration Screens are accessed via a Web-Browser based user login screen.

Main Index: There are two levels of access to the User Options Main Index which allows access to the Reporting and Configuration Screens:
    • Conference Organiser Reports: – Report shown for Logged-on Conference Organiser.
      • All Held Conferences on a specific day in past
      • All Held Conferences from date in past
      • Recordings save/delete and playback
      • Bridge Usage statistics for User
    • System  Administration  Access  Area
      • Users Database Maintenance
      • System Setup
Fig 4: My User Area
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Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge
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Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge