So it’s been a while, well more than a month in reality – but we have been pretty busy on the development front.

Our hottest releases and probably the most useful for LSP’s are our iLInterpreter  and  iLClient  Apps, now released for final testing with some of our customers. As mentioned in the last blog, the apps are for both Android and Apple devices

Feedback we have had, is that the iLClient is providing instant and hassle free telephone interpreting in those tense and time sensitive situations when a Client needs to connect with an Interpreter quickly.  With benefits being found for those clients that are working remotely or for roles that are not office based. Significant benefits for the LSP are emerging as the app is reducing overhead, minimizing the need to resend lost access codes and information and the instant access will result in increased system usage.

It can be a challenge for Interpreters making sure they have made themselves ‘Available’ for calls – the iLInterpreter App is perfect for their needs.  Once registered on the App they can be always logged in at the click of a button, register their availability and indicate which phone they want calls to go to.  Lots of other useful stats at their fingertips too.

For the LSP, we have just introduced Push Notifications, so that LSP’s can alert their Interpreters through this simple method, for example to advise them that there are calls required for their language and to make themselves available.

We have been adding other cool features but more about those in my next blog – I promise it won’t be so long next time.

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Sue Quelch