Our Language Service Providers customers, who offer telephone interpreting, drive the development of the new features that we incorporate into InterpreterLine– an intelligent telephone interpreting platform for language service providers and translation agencies.

Sometimes these can be minor tweaks, sometimes more major additions or add-ons, but rest assured however minor they might be from a development perspective they can have a major impact on productivity for our customers that are using the InterpreterLine.

Whenever a customer suggests an additional report or feature, we always need to consider the impact, if any, on all of our customers that use the InterpreterLine platform and very importantly, the security of the platform is always highest on our list to consider.

Having access to performance statistics is key to the business owner and management team to understand and monitor the efficiency of the business.  Many of the additional features we add are new reports – reports that analyse calls for a specific language per week; that add filters that pull out sessions that include an operator or when to a backup agency to enable close monitoring of this expenditure or additional sort criteria the Interpreters report by county for example, which is helpful when allocating interpreters for a face to face meeting.

As we continue to develop the platform we have added facilities that give more control over Recordings – for sensitive project for LSP clients recording of calls (and the ‘recording warning’) can now be switched on or off for a clients whole project or for specific parts of that clients business (or Sites as we call them).

Significant new features are our new Apps for both Android and Apple which will soon be fully released – these are for both the Client and the Interpreter and we expect these to be significantly beneficial reducing overhead for the LSP and providing instant and hassle free telephone interpreting in those tense situations, via a mobile device, for the LSP’s clients.

Our customers are always kept up to date with new features first, in a regular emailed communication and in addition, you can find short details of the most recent feature releases on our website here.

Sue Quelch