But how do they actually work?  This was the starting point for our recent article for the ITI–  but interestingly we examined a little how this market has evolved, or is evolving. Well the telephone interpreting aspect that is because of course that’s a new development for the language market particularly brought on through the needs of public sector to deliver services within a budget – it is tax payers money after all.

This boom is testing the limits of existing processes for many language services providers – fortunately technology companies like ourselves, that don’t compete with LSP’s (i.e. have their own interpreters etc) are developing platforms that LSP’s can easily use.  They don’t need to add any of their own internal infrastructure as its cloud based; they don’t need additional internal technical staff and its easy to get set up and start using the service.

You can read more about how we can help in the ITI article from The Bulletin

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